Two Arrested for Separate Fires

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Two people have been arrested in DeKalb County for setting two separate fires during the current statewide burn ban. Jerry Nabors is charged with starting a wildland fire. Firefighters with the Aroney Volunteer Fire Department were called to Nabors’ home Monday. They asked Nabors to put out a fire on his property, but he refused and ran them off. The next day, Forestry Commission officials and DeKalb County deputies went to Nabors’ home to ask him about the fire. He was sitting on the porch with a firearm and after refusing to put it down, deputies arrested him for disorderly conduct. After turning the case over to the state fire marshal, Nabors was rearrested on the fire charges. In a separate case, Todd Stone of Cedar Bluff is charged with arson and criminal mischief. The incident happened last week at a hay barn on DeKalb County Road 107. Stone is accused of ramming through a gate and starting a fire. The flames burned 100 bales of hay, a hay baler and 2 lawn mowers.


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