Amendments on Local Ballots

Saturday, November 5, 2016


There are 14 proposed changes to the state constitution on the ballots for next week's general election. Here's a look at a couple of those key items: Amendment 2 would prohibit the Legislature from diverting money designated for state parks to other programs. It would also allow the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to hire private companies to operate and maintain park facilities. Amendment 7 applies only to Etowah County. It would put most employees of the Etowah County sheriff under the control of a sheriff's office personnel board. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Mack Butler, R-Rainbow City says the bill aims to help the sheriff's office retain employees. Under current law, sheriff's employees can't receive a pay raise unless all county employees receive a raise. Amendment 10 applies to only Calhoun County. It says that no territory in Calhoun County would be subject to the police jurisdiction or planning jurisdiction of any city not located at least partly in the county. Right now, cities can have police jurisdictions that extend three miles outside their limits and planning jurisdictions that extend five miles. Those jurisdictions can cross county lines. Approval of Amendment 10 would prohibit that. You can read more about all 14 amendments online.  Just go to and click on "Sample ballots." 


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