Local Church Launches 7th Annual Light Show

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Etowah County church is shining its lights for the Christmas season. First Baptist Church of Glencoe flipped the switch over the weekend for its 7th annual Christmas Light Show. The church began their shows using incandescent mini lights. Five years ago, they started using LED lights and began to convert the show to smart LEDs, which allows the church to control each bulb and change it to any color or brightness. This year, they are using more than 20,000 bulbs. The planning for this spectacular event begins in August. Senior Pastor Anthony Gomez says there is just something about Christmas lights that puts a smile on your face. The show is open to the public at no charge. It will run until New Year's Eve. The shows will be from 5-10 on Sundays-Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5-midnight. The light show is synced with music on 90.5FM, and on select nights during the display, church members will serve free hot chocolate to spectators.


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