Local Officer Receives Recognition

Friday, December 16, 2016

On the anniversary of a horrific shooting- a local police officer is recognized for his actions. City of Heflin Assistant Police Chief Jackie Stovall is the first to receive the service award from the Justice and Civil Rights Initiative. The Service Award is given for an act of courage that protected human life and public safety. Stovall says, being a police officer is the only life he knows. On December 15th 2012, Stovall and his partner received a call of a woman who had fled from her husband. When officers responded, Romera Moya began shooting at the officers. They returned fire as Moya fled in the direction of Oxford. Stovall was shot in the leg while Moya was attempting to car-jack another car at an Oxford intersection. Stovall says that his recovery has been long and painful, but that he plans to run a 5K soon.


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