National Digital Learning Day

Friday, February 24, 2017


Today is National Digital Learning Day and one elementary school shows all the ways technology is enhancing student’s minds. Using the technology available at our finger tips an Alexandria first grade class used FaceTime to talk to a teacher in North Dakota. The students got the chance to see snow and learn a little about living that far north. The students were amazed that it takes the teacher two hours to get to the nearest Wal-Mart and only 15 minutes to get to Canada. Librarian Pam Ginn says the students are naturals when it comes to digital learning. Teachers are downloading apps onto I-Pads to make learning more hands-on for their students. Fourth grade math and science teacher Devon Berry says students do better when they use technology. Berry says that one of the apps he uses with his students helps the kids get excited about math. More schools are introducing technology into the classroom and seeing positive results. Berry also says that being familiar with technology can potentially help students get jobs in the future.


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