DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Make Several Arrests This Weekend

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office made several arrests over the weekend. DeKalb County officers responded to a call in Valley Head of a woman being shot on Sunday. Witnesses say Roy Barkley the third and the woman had been in an argument. Barkley reported that he had a gun and during the argument the gun went off hitting the woman. Barkley was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder. The woman was transported by Life Force helicopter to Erlanger hospital where she is listed as in critical condition. This investigation is still ongoing. Fyffe Police along with DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Michael Wooten and Daniel Wooten late Friday evening. Police received a tip from a concerned citizen about a juvenile missing person. When officers arrived at the home on Blackwell Street, they found the juvenile. Michael Wooten is charged with three counts of Rape, three counts of Sodomy, Interference with Child Custody and Sex Offinder Registration Violation. Daniel Wooten is charged with Rape and Interference with Child Custody.


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