Think 2 Change Founder Speaks at Local School

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A special speaker gets students thinking about how they can make changes for the better. Glencoe Middle School students listened to Think 2 Change founder Brian Earley. He spoke about how his life was changed because of the actions of another person. Think 2 Change focuses on bullying, teen suicide and abuse. Earley grew up without a mother or father and faced a dark childhood. He says that he tells his story so that students won’t feel alone and will have the confidence to reach out for help. During his speech to the students, Earley tells them about how he didn’t have a single friend until he was in the fifth grade when a girl spoke to him at his locker. One student tells us that Earley’s words have inspired her. At the end of the assembly Earley asked students to stand if they know of anyone being bullied or having a difficult time. He then encouraged the students to reach out and stand up for someone else.


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