Pinwheels Along Quintard Avenue Carry A Serious Message

Those of you driving along Quintard Avenue in Anniston will see these pinwheels for the next month. And while they may look pretty and colorful, the pinwheels carry a serious message. Thanks for joining us. I'm Carl Brady. April is child abuse awareness month and the Calhoun Cleburne Children's Center partners with law enforcement agencies to bring awareness to the issue. Each pinwheel represents a local child that has been interviewed as a possible victim of abuse in the past year. This year, there are 511 pinwheels- which is about 60 more than last year. Executive Director Elaine Young says this issue is everybody’s business. Young says that more people are aware of abuse and are taking action. In addition to helping with investigations, the Calhoun Cleburne Children’s Center visits schools to educate children about abuse.


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