Man Pleads Guilty After Failed Implosion of Smokestack

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


A Pell City man pleads guilty after a failed implosion of a 100-year old smokestack. Timothy Phifer owns Phoenix Services of Alabama, which contracted with Pell City to demolish the old Avondale Mills’ brick smokestack. Phifer detonated explosives to bring down the stack on November 24, 2015, but it did not fall. According to Phifer’s plea agreement he failed to timely record the receipt of explosive materials and he also failed to properly store the detonating cord. After the explosives failed, Phifer decided to use a city-owned excavator to bring down the smokestack. However, as the structure began to fall, it buckled and fell directly onto the excavator while Phifer was still behind the wheel. Phifer is scheduled for sentencing on August 14th.


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