Two Scams to be Aware of

A few new scams to be aware of. Blue Cross Blue Shield is warning their customers of a recent rash of calls made by scammers claiming to be with the company, in an effort to gain personal and private information. Many of the calls have reportedly been coming from a 5-1-8 number. Blue Cross wants to remind its customers they do not make outgoing calls in order to verify or update information. If you receive a phone call similar to this simply hang up. Residents of Cherokee County have received e-mails claiming to be from Bank of America with a message indicating that the person’s account balance has dropped below 25 dollars and they need to click the Blue Button within the email for account details. Once you open the e-mail which contains a virus, the sender can access all the highly sensitive information on your computer. If you receive an unusual message from your bank, do not open any links or attachments, but instead call your bank and inform them of the situation.


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