JSU Hosts Physical Education Workshop

Saturday, June 24, 2017


An event at JSU allowed local physical education teachers to learn some new, fun and educational way to get kids involved. Physical Intensity Everyday or AIM 4 PIE  held a workshop for elementary, middle and high school physical education teachers. AIM 4 PIE is a multi-level learning system that uses a unique blending of intense physical movement, academic tasks and teamwork. The simple concept of having students work together to achieve a greater goal. AIM 4 PIE owner and founder Carol Cranford explains one of the activities has students learning about the different jobs inside the body. Cranford says it’s easier for students to learn when the lesson is paired with movement. Participants of The Academics in Motion learned how to make learning fun and turning it into a game. 10th Street Elementary School Physical Education Teacher Brian McRae says he will be taking all of what he learned back to the school with him. Cranford also says the different games have evolved over 29 years of teaching and are one of the most powerful and effective methods. With large groups of students the games can take up to 30 minutes and always has kids running, sweating, laughing and learning.


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