Oxford City Leaders Searching for New Storm Shelter Company

Friday, June 30, 2017


Oxford City leaders are searching to find a company to help build storm shelters. Thanks for joining us I’m Carl Brady. The city council was in the process of making plans with B’safe Shelters to build storm shelters. However, the company pulled out of the deal early this morning. Despite that failed deal, the city council is determined to build these shelters to ensure the people of Oxford are safe in an emergency situation. Right now Oxford only has the Oxford Civic Center to go to when an emergency hits. Oxford Fire Chief Gary Sparks says storm shelters are better equipped for dangerous weather situations. Chief Sparks says they hope to have at least one shelter build within the next budget year. The shelter cost could start at 50-thousand dollars. These shelters hold between 32 and 48 people with benches down the sides and one down the middle.


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