Tall Grass Nuisance to be Enforced

As we approach mid-summer, the City of Gadsden reminds residents to keep their grass mowed. According to Brian Greer who is the Deputy Building Official for the City of Gadsden, any grass or weeds more than 12 inches tall is considered a nuisance as it may attract pests, produce excessive pollen, increase the risk of fire, and give the city a poor image. The City is particularly concerned with the space between the sidewalk and road in front of a property, as it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain that area even though it is a public right of way. Greer says that tall grass is not a new issue. The City will notify property owners who fail to keep their grass trimmed and will give a time frame to cut it. If the grass is not trimmed after that, the Public works Department will cut the grass, and charge the owner for the cost. Failing to pay that may result in a lien against the property. Anyone who notices grass taller than 12 inches may fill out the “Tall Grass/Weeds” form on the City’s website.


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