New Four-Story Training Tower at the Anniston Fire Department

The Anniston Fire Department welcomes a new addition to its fire training center. Thanks for joining us, I'm Carl Brady. The new four-story training tower went up at the recently built fire station on McClellan Boulevard. It is a part of the department’s Fire College regional training program. The fire department also plans to add three new classrooms at the site in order to expand its training capabilities. Fire Chief Chris Collins says he’s optimistic about the future of the training site. Collins also says the expansion of the training site may provide a small economic boost for the city, as trainees from across the region would stay in Anniston for a week while they train. Congressman Mike Rogers stopped by to tour the new station and the tower, and he had high praise for the facility. The drill tower is used to train firefighters in emergencies involving multi-story buildings, specifically buildings that are too tall for a ladder to reach. Collins says the tower is nearly complete, and will enter full service soon.


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