United Way is Offering the Kinder Camp Program

The United Way of Etowah County is helping kids prepare for kindergarten by offering a Kinder Camp. The Kinder Camp program helps kids who are about to enter kindergarten get used to the routine of school. The program is run by Success by Six, a United Way early-education initiative. The kids come to the school at 7:45 in morning, and are there for a half-day. They learn about the normal kindergarten routines such as going to gym, the lunch line, and more. Success by Six Director Emily Sims says learning the routine helps the child perform better in school. The program is offered at Ivalee, Duck Springs, and West End Elementary Schools. Sims hopes to expand to other rural schools, but can’t due to a lack of funding. She says the program is beneficial to rural areas because many of the children are not enrolled in preschool, and instead stay at home with a relative. The parents also learn at the camp, and have orientation with school officials. The camp also offers a health-screening for the kids, which may help the school prepare for a child that has special needs.


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