Think2Change Comes to Jacksonville High School

Be the power of one. That’s the message Brian Earley shared today with the entire student body at Jacksonville High School. Earley is the president and owner of The non-profit raises awareness for abuse, depression, bullying and suicide. Earley told the students that he was abused as a child and had a tough time at school. However, his life changed when a popular girl at his school took the time to get to know him. Earley says his goal is to leave a lasting impression with all of the students who hear his story. A peer-based group called FOCUS helped organize today’s assembly. The group promotes school and community support for the prevention of at-risk behaviors among youth. FOCUS originated at Jacksonville High School about 20 years ago – and is now a statewide movement. FOCUS president Sara Melton says after hearing Earley speak at a rally, she knew it was a message she wanted her entire school to hear. Some of the FOCUS members who had not heard Earley speak before explain why they think he leaves such a lasting impression on students across the country. Earley has spoken to more than 100,000 students in the past six years. You can read more about his story and his mission at


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