Potentially Haunted Home Receives Historic Marker

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


A 175 year-old home in Alexandria that may be haunted gets a historic marker. The Greenwood plantation home has a history that dates back to before the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. In the 1920’s, a nanny named Ms. Polk, died at the bottom of the staircase in the home. Since her death, the house lights are said to randomly turn on and strange sounds can be heard from inside the home. Retired exercise physiologist Doctor Mac Gillam bought the home in 1990 and renovated it to it’s original state. He says it’s an amazing place to live. Gillam also says the home has most of it’s original furniture. Jacob Ross Green bought the 150 acres in Alexandria and built the 4,500 square-foot home in 1842. It is the oldest Greek Revival antebellum structure in Calhoun County. 


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