Doughnuts for Dads at Southside Elementary

A local kindergarten class holds a fun and delicious event for dads and law enforcement to help the kids learn a certain letter. Southside Elementary Kindergarten classes are learning the letter “D” this week. To help the students, the classes hosted a Doughnuts for Dad event. Fathers, law enforcement, fire fighters, and the mayor of Southside were all invited to come to the school and enjoy delicious doughnuts.

Teachers Tiffany Webb and Allison Moore say they want the children to know they have a friend in law enforcement. Webb and Moore also say they hope to do this again next year. Several officers attended the event, including Southside School Resource Officer, Clay Johnson. Johnson says it’s all about the kids.

Everyone that came enjoyed doughnuts provided by Cothran’s Bakery. Teachers Webb and Moore say they were surprised by the number of people that showed up to support the kindergarteners. Officer Johnson says many of the men left with smiles on their faces.


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