Deputy Sheriffs Awarded Medal of Valor

Three men who put the lives of others above their own are honored and awarded for their bravery. On May 26th of this year, a fire started inside the common area at the Etowah County Detention Center. Deputy Sheriff Andy Reed, Hayden Clements, and Tyler Cline sprang into action without a second thought.

The three men ran into the unit and began pulling out the inmates. For their efforts, Reed, Clements, and Cline were all awarded the Medal of Valor: the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by a public safety officer. Reed says several inmates have thanked him for his actions.

The fire started when an inmate lit his mattress on fire inside his cell. In the 10 years Todd Entrekin has been the Sheriff of Etowah County he has presented the Medal of Valor just six times. He says he couldn’t be more proud of these men. Sheriff Entrekin says that because of the bravery of those three men, 22 lives were saved.


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