Helpful Tips for Eating Healthy with Fruit

Just a few days into 2018 more and more people are trying to stick to their new year's resolutions and get healthy. One way is to focus on eating more fruit. Most fruits are naturally low in calories, sodium and fat and contain essential nutrients. Here are a few tips on working more fruits into your diet.

Try to eat mostly whole or cut up fruit, so you get the beneficial fiber it contains. Make sure to buy fruit in season. They will be more flavorful and less expensive. Make sure to rinse fruit well before eating. Running water to remove dirt and any organisms on the surface. Keep a bowl filled with your favorites on a counter, table or in the refrigerator. Have a variety of different fruits. Dried, frozen, and canned.

And if you have kids be a good role model and let them see you eating so they will want to eat it too.


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