Oxford Police Department Recognized by the Regional Counter Drug Training Academy

Friday, March 9, 2018


The Regional Counter-drug Training Academy is recognizing the Oxford Police Department as a partner in training law enforcement. The Oxford Police Department held the Commercial Vehicle Interdiction export course from the RCTA. This course is designed to teach law enforcement skills necessary to recognize when a vehicle is transporting people, narcotics or other illegal substances.


 This hands on course also teaches officers how to properly interview drivers and demonstrates proper search techniques. Officer Jesse Warner came all the way from Belmont, Texas to take the course. During the training law enforcement is introduced to the National Seizure System and the El Paso Intelligence Center. 


These tools teach officers how to gain intelligence as well as network with other counter smuggling officials. Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge says it is an important course for law enforcement. 


The RCTA began operations in 1992 at the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi with a mission to provide the cutting edge of drug enforcement training to law enforcement. The RCTA primarily trains law enforcement within a five-state region.


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