JSU Destroyed by Tornado

The first sunrise of Spring in Alabama reveals communities in devastation. At least two tornadoes caused catastrophic damage in Jacksonville and in southern Etowah County. Local EMAs say there have been no fatalities, but at least six people are injured.

A strong tornado left much of the Jacksonville State University campus in ruin last night. Many buildings sustained major damage, with the storm ripping the roofs off of the Pete Mathews Coliseum and student housing buildings Patterson and Logan Halls. The storm also severely damaged Merrill Hall, the Houston Cole Library, and many others.

Most of the more than eight thousand JSU students were not on campus at the time, as this week is the university’s spring break. Not every student left for Spring Break though. Two students caught in the path of the storm describe their experience. JSU has cancelled all classes and non-emergency activities until further notice. It is not clear when the university will reopen.


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