What Students Need to Expect Coming Back to JSU

Students coming back to Jacksonville when the campus reopens need to know what to expect. For many students, the past several days have been difficult, but the Jacksonville State University faculty and staff are doing everything they can to make this situation better. We spoke today with Student Affairs Vice President Dr. Timothy King about what students need to know before returning to campus. JSU recently announced that students will be given three options for the remainder of the semester.

Dr. King says students must talk to their advisors before making a final decision. For students whose dorms or apartments were damaged in the tornadoes, JSU is moving all on-campus students to other dorms. Students who were living off-campus who are displaced can move to an on-campus dorm, or move to a facility at Fort McClellan. Students interested in moving to Fort McClellan can fill out a free form on the JSU-Strong website. Dr. King says the University is also accepting donations for students in the form of gift cards.

If you are interested in donating a gift card or other supplies for the affected students, you can contact Assistant Dean of Students, Joshua Robinson. JSU’s international students also have cause for concern: The International House was destroyed by the tornado.

Dr. King says he has been contacted by many international students concerning their student visas. Dr. King says that department heads and facility members are working on a plan on where to hold classes that are displaced by storm damage. That information will be announced as soon as it is available.


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