Alabama Lawmakers End Legislative Session

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Alabama lawmakers ended the 2018 legislative session yesterday; many bills were approved, and several died. Here is a look at what made it and what didn’t. One bill that made it is the Prison Funding bill. Alabama lawmakers approved an additional $85 million for the state prison system over the next 2 years. This comes as the state faces a federal court order to improve mental health care for inmates. 


Another bill that passed will give teachers and education employees a 2.5% cost-of-living raise in the fiscal year that will begin October 1st. Lawmakers also passed the controversial ethics bill that would exempt economic developers from the state ethics law. While many bills prospered several will not go on. 


One of which would have allowed designated teachers to carry firearms in schools. Each teacher selected would first undergo a specific training course. Another is a racial profiling bill. This bill would have required law enforcement officers to collect data on race and traffic stops. The bill cleared the Alabama Senate in a unanimous vote of 27 to 0, but did not get a vote in the Alabama House of Representatives amid Republican opposition.


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