Three Major Projects Underway at Talladega College

A local college has three projects underway to give students new and updated facilities and resources. Talladega College is giving its students three newly renovated dorms. The 43,000 square foot Residence Hall will become a living and learning center once construction is completed.

The dorm will consist of 200 beds and state of the art technology. Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins says another project is giving the campus something it has never had before. The center will offer students an exercise facility, a meeting area for the student government committee, a new arena that will hold about 2,300 people, and more.

The third project is a museum for three Amistad murals. The murals have been in storage for a year and a half. Dr. Hawkins says he hopes each project will draw more people to the college campus.


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