Terry Howell Wins Slot for CalCo Commission Place 4 in July Runoff

That’s Calhoun County businessman Terry Howell, who appears to have won a slot in the July 17th runoff for Calhoun County Commission Place Number 4, coincidentally by four votes. One week after voters cast their ballots for three candidates in the District 4 Republican primary for Calhoun County Commission, all of those votes have been counted.

Calhoun County Probate Judge Alice Martin says 38 provisional ballots that were cast on June 5th have now been tabulated, and Howell’s three-vote margin over the other challenger, Joe Dyar, is now a four-vote margin.

If the official vote remains unchanged when it is certified by election officials Friday, that would mean Howell will face incumbent J.D. Hess in the commission runoff on July 17th. Because there is no Democrat running in the general election, the winner of this Republican runoff will be the winner of the seat.

Howell had been three votes ahead of Dyar before the provisional ballots were counted today. Judge Martin says that when those votes were added in, Hess extended his lead by five votes, Howell got three votes, and Dyar received two.


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