Calhoun County Jail Moves Excess Inmates to Anniston City Jail

The day after a big move, Calhoun County Chief Deputy Jon Garlick talked to TV24 about the arrangement between the county jail and the city of Anniston. Under the new lease agreement, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office will oversee the Anniston City Jail. In return, the city jail now houses all women who are in county custody. Garlick said maintaining two facilities is a task but it’s one that they are well-prepared to tackle.

The process actually started three weeks ago when the sheriff’s office moved all 20 something city inmates to the county jail. Then on Wednesday, they moved 127 female county inmates to the city facility.

Garlick said he’s pleased that everyone could work together to ease the overcrowding problem, but he also called it a temporary fix, or a “band-aid.” As of today, the Calhoun County Jail houses more than 620 inmates. The current lease agreement between the county and city is in place for two years.


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