County Jail Corrections Officer Arrested on Sex Charges Related to Inmate

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade talks about the arrest of one of his jailers. We’ll get to the primary runoff returns in a minute, but first, more on the developing story. A Calhoun County jailer is accused of having a sexual relationship with a female inmate.

According to Sheriff Matthew Wade, Charles James was arrested today and charged with custodial sexual misconduct, which is a class C felony. Sheriff Wade said during a press conference that a paper trail of love letters between the inmate and the officer led them to open the investigation.

According to Wade, the sexual encounters happened late at night when the officer would take the inmate to the medical room to check her blood pressure. James began working as a dispatcher six years ago and transferred to the jail two years ago. Wade added that until this incident, James had a good work record. His bond is set at $7,500.


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