Calhoun County Officials Working to Find Solution to Overcrowded Jails

It was a meeting of the minds today in Calhoun County as about a dozen officials gathered to talk about the serious issue of jail overcrowding. The group, made up of representatives from the District Attorney’s office, judges, county commissioners, county administration, and the sheriff’s office brainstormed about possible ways to reduce the jail population without releasing inmates who need to be behind bars.

District 2 commissioner Tim Hodges told us there were some good ideas, which included taking a look at state and local programs. Hodges told us about one idea that’s similar to a work release program.

With the jail housing about 600 inmates, the ultimate answer is a new jail. But officials said even if they started construction immediately, it would be a three or four year process to complete. Sheriff Matthew Wade said just the fact that they all met, is a good place to start.

In an attempt to make more space in the Calhoun County Jail, the county recently entered into a contract with the city of Anniston, and moved all female inmates to the city jail. That agreement is set to last for two years.


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