2018 Beautification Awards Given to Local Residents and Businesses

The Calhoun County Beautification Board today handed out the 2018 Beautification Awards. Winners were chosen from across the county. Doctor David West serves as the advisor for the Calhoun County Beautification Board, which was formed about 20 years ago.

West says this type of recognition would not be possible without the people who donate their time to serve the group in an effort to keep the area looking visually presentable.

Today, the board gave out nine awards, some of which went to homeowners and others to businesses.

Here’s a look at all of the 2018 Calhoun County Beautification Award Winners: District 1, Pete & Brenda Eschrig and Centennial Park District 2 winners were Maria Gardener, Burger King in Golden Springs, and RMC MediPlex, Oxford District 4 had one winner and that went to homeowners Wayne & Martha Stillwell District 5, Christine Brasher, Gene & Sherry Blanton, and Jack’s Restaurant in Jacksonville.


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