Bleeding Control Kits Installed Around Rainbow City

The Rainbow City Fire Department installed special kits that could potentially save a life in the act of an emergency. Bleeding Control Kits were installed inside of Westbrook Christian Academy, John Jones Elementary, and Rainbow Middle School.

The Rainbow City Fire Department was awarded with a $4,000 grant from the Community Development Board to purchase the kits. Each school has three wall mounted stations that contain eight individual bleeding control kits. Each kit include combat application tourniquet, gauze pads, and a litter that can be unfolded to carry an injured person. Assistant Fire Chief Johnson says these kits are for emergencies only.

The schools have fire extinguishers to handle fires until help arrives, automatic external defibrillators to treat someone going into cardiac arrest until EMT arrive, and now they have bleeding kits to control serious injuries until help arrives. The kits do come with instructions and were designed to be easy to use.


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