Calhoun County Deputy Receives Recognition

A Calhoun County Deputy received recognition for his role in saving a man’s life at the scene of a shooting. Deputy Tyler Peck was presented with a Lifesaver pin and certificate by Sheriff Matthew Wade during this morning’s shift change. Deputy Peck used his life saving skills and equipment to help a wounded man who was ambushed with gunfire outside his Pleasant Valley home.

The victim was transferred to UAB hospital where doctors say Deputy Peck’s actions saved the man’s leg and his life. Sheriff Wade says he’s very proud of Deputy Peck and all the other deputies who work hard to serve the county.

According to Sheriff Wade, Franklin Boozer waited at the victim’s home and ambushed him with gunfire from an AR-15 while the victim was still in his truck. The man managed to get out of his truck and run into his barn, getting struck at least four times. That’s when investigators say the man grabbed his shotgun from the barn and shot Boozer.

After that, Boozer took off in the man’s truck. When Deputy Peck arrived to the scene, a tourniquet was used to help control the victim’s bleeding. Boozer was later found and taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.


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