Renovation Update at Saks High School

The complete campus upgrade to Saks High School is more than one month ahead of schedule and facility, students, and the community couldn’t be more excited. Construction began last June to renovate Saks High School. The school received a new face lift that shifted the front of the school to face the new student parking lot.

A portion of the school was demolished in order to build a new wrestling and weight room, 4 classrooms, a new band hall and home economics room. The school will also be equipped with energy efficient windows and lights to cut back on power expenses. Principal Jody Whaley says he couldn’t ask for a better construction experience and shares the most exciting safety feature the school now offers.

The renovations totaled $8.5 million. Since construction is ahead, the renovations are expected to be complete by the end of September. Principal Whaley also adds that enrollment numbers are up and the community is extremely excited about the completion of the project.


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