Escapees Captured

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Three Inmates who escaped from the Calhoun County Jail are now back in custody. According to Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade, the three inmates slammed a metal bunk bed against a door three times in order to break the hinges off.  


During a press conference held earlier today, the video released shows the inmates running from the facility towards a ten-foot razor wire fence. Sheriff Wade also said it was about 25 minutes after the inmates escaped when officers realized what had happened. When inmates reached the wire fence, they placed blankets over the fence to avoid the razors, still severely cutting themselves.


Sheriff Wade also shared during the press conference that the inmates didn’t get very far, just towards the downtown Anniston area before they were captured within 12 hours after they escaped. Although the jail is known to have an overcrowding problem while also being understaffed, Sheriff Wade says in this case, neither of those issues played a factor.


The three inmates are Randall Gaddy, Cully Bragg, and Jeffrey Williams. Gaddy is in jail on murder charges, Bragg has charges for second degree assault by strangulation and Williams is behind bars for first degree assault. 


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