Work Industry Tours for School Administrators and Faculty

Administrators from Calhoun County Schools was presented with the opportunity to take their version of a school field trip. East Alabama Works along with the Calhoun County Economic Development Council began conducting industry tours for administrators and other school faculty members. Administrators took tours inside of the McClellan Spec Building, Laser Fabrication and Machine Company, as well as the New McIntosh Industrial Park.

The sole purpose of these industry tours is to make educators more aware of what exactly goes on inside of manufacturing facilities. The Executive Director for the EDC describes the tours as a real world application to what is already being taught to students across East Alabama. Educators and administrators are able to see firsthand what exact skills students will need in order to excel in the trade of their choice. Career Technical Director Kevin Lockridge says why he believes it’s very important for administrators to tour these manufacturing facilities. Lockridge also says that during the tours he’s learned what exactly industries are looking for. They are looking for people who can problem solve, have team philosophy, and to have their employees really involved in each process.


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