JSU's Nursing Department Holds Open House

Today was the day many JSU nursing students have been anticipating since the school semester started. The Department of Nursing unveil its new Nursing Skills Lab at the former RMC Jacksonville Hospital. A building donated by RMC now provides an arena for nursing students where they can practice drawing blood, taking vital signs, inserting catheters, and much more.

The purpose of the open house was to demonstrate how RMC’s donation to the university’s nursing department is being used to meet the students’ needs since the devastating March 19th tornado. Training dummies along with fake arms are used for students to also practice inserting IV’s and Nasogastric Intubation tubes. Doctor Christine Shelton says this gift is perfect for the university and its students.

The donation of the hospital has made JSU one of three nursing programs in Alabama to have access to such a facility. With a bigger facility filled more learning opportunities, Doctor Shelton also says the hospital made it possible for the nursing department to increase its enrollment size by 45%. Doctor Shelton tells TV24 what she believes all student nurses should learn by the time they complete the nursing program.

With over 160 qualified students who applied for the Nursing Program this fall, 116 were chosen. Making the expansion of the program the largest cohort in school history.


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