Center for Applied Forensics Gets Grant at JSU

The Center for Applied Forensics at Jacksonville State University was awarded with a grant to help conduct training more effectively. Earlier today, Governor Kay Ivey awarded $100,000 in grant money to the university’s Center for Applied Forensics. The grant will be specifically used to conduct training sessions for smaller and rural police department’s and sheriff’s offices.

Law enforcement officers will learn how to properly assess, examine, and document death scenes while also given the proper tools to do so. Senior Forensic Scientist Mark Hopwood says this grant will provide a host of other opportunities for the center and its trainees.

Today, law enforcement personnel from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, the State Fire Marshal's Office, Oxford and Anniston Police Department, along with several others participated in metal detector training to better locate projectiles, cartridge casings along with other metallic objects that could be associated with a crime scene. Hopwood also says he is excited to see how this grant will help for next year’s training courses.


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