Cleburne County Folk Pottery Show

Cleburne County is gearing up for their fifth annual Cleburne Folk Pottery Show. The pottery of Cleburne County will be displayed at the Cleburne County Mountain Center from professional collectors, clay artist as well as people who have kept custom pottery in their families through generations.

Free pottery identifications and appraisals will be available for those who aren’t quite sure if their pottery was created in Cleburne County. Pottery Research Expert Bill Garland says people don’t realize how important the history of pottery really is.

Garland is also excited about the author of ‘Alabama Folk Pottery’, Joey Brackner being in attendance to talk about the history of Cleburne County Pottery. The exhibit will be Saturday, September 22 beginning at 10am until 2pm at the Cleburne County Mountain Center. Admission is free and residences of Cleburne county and other communities are encouraged to attend.


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