Heflin Amphitheatre to Open

A new amphitheater in Cleburne County is almost ready for the community to enjoy. Concerts, community parties and other events are expected to be held at the new amphitheater when it opens next month in Cleburne County. The idea of this amphitheater came about from city officials wanting residents to spend more time in the downtown area while also having a good time.

The city received a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts for $5,500 along with a $1,500 grant from Heflin’s Main Street Chapter. The remaining $55,000 was raised by members inside and outside the Cleburne community. The Director of Heflin Mainstreet says she looks forward to what this will do for the City of Heflin. Maloney also adds that contractors who helped build the amphitheater are all from Cleburne County. The first event scheduled to take place at the amphitheater will be Cleburne County High School Homecoming festivities on October 4th.


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