Anniston Police Department Receives Public Safety Enhancement Grant

The Anniston Police Department was awarded two grants to help toward the purchase of security and safety equipment. Anniston was one of 25 public safety entities in Alabama to receive the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, managed by the United States Department of Justice. The JAG grant was in the amount of $30,000 to help the department purchase several new speed detectors to replace broken ones.

With officers often providing emergency care to victims until paramedics arrive, Wal-Mart provided a grant worth $2,000 to the Anniston Police Department to purchase tourniquets for each officer to carry. The tourniquets will allow officers to control blood loss in victims that have been shot or stabbed. Anniston Police Sergeant Michael Webb says the new equipment is all about creating a safer environment for the community.

Webb also says the tourniquets are in route to the station and officers are excited to receive new equipment to better prepare them in the field in the case of an emergency. The department is also in the process of pursuing a grant to help purchase public security cameras.


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