CDP Activates Personnel Mobilization Center

The Center for Domestic Preparedness activated its Personnel Mobilization Center in order to prepare and deploy both state and local FEMA responders for relief efforts during Hurricane Florence. The Mobilization Center is responsible for making sure each responder is properly equipped with resources needed to perform their relief duties. Some of those resources include badges, laptops, cell phones, and iPads.

The center is also responsible for making sure the responders are properly trained on the correct use of equipment. Currently, the Mobilization Center processes more than 250 FEMA Responders daily that will be ready for deployment once an accurate assessment comes in and the responders can begin their FEMA mission. The Chief for the Personnel Mobilization Center says it’s important that the center is always ready.

Once the responders are cleared of processing, they will be stationed at McClellan or in Atlanta until it is safe and clear for them to begin making their way along the Eastern coast to begin FEMA relief efforts.


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