Vote for Kavanaugh in Supreme Court Delayed

The vote to move Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh at step closer to the seat has been delayed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee voted 11 to 10 to have the vote on the Supreme Court Nominee pushed back till next week. Democrats say that Kavanaugh’s answers on abortion, unpaid debts, and executive power are lacking and add doubts about his overall views along with his honesty towards the committee.

Republicans feel that Democrats are abusing the practice by submitting more than 1,200 follow-up questions for the nominee. Kavanaugh was recently accused of sexual misconduct from when he was 17-years-old by a woman who doesn’t want her name made public. Kavanaugh has denied those allegations.

A letter was then released by senate republicans from dozens of women who knew Kavanaugh from high school stating he treated woman with respect and behaved honorably.

The vote on whether to move Kavanaugh’s confirmation to a floor vote will be Thursday, September, 20th.


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