Gadsden State Valley Street Campus Named 2nd Most Affordable HBCU

A local community college has just been named one of the most affordable Historically Black Colleges in the country. Student Loan Hero has named Gadsden State Community College’s Valley Street Campus the second most affordable Historically Black College in the United States.

Gadsden State is among six other colleges in the state to be named in the top 20 most affordable HBCU’s nationwide. The Valley Street campus earned its HBCU designation in 1997. Before becoming apart of Gadsden State, it was considered the Gadsden Vocational Trade School. It was known as the only private technical school enrolling African- Americans until desegregation and eventually merging with Gadsden State in 1985. The Program Advisor for the Valley Street Campus says this is a great time to be apart of the Gadsden State community. Student Loan Hero is a resource website providing information to students on college loans, tuition, fees, and more. The website reports Gadsden State’s in-state tuition and fees at $3,600. Crain says she hopes students continue to take advantage of this opportunity that’s in their community.


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