Courage for All Initiative Brings Awareness to Opioid Addiction

The Alabama Department of Mental Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration focuses on bringing awareness and treatment for opioid addiction through a initiative called The Courage for All. The Courage for All initiative provides low cost treatment options for people with substance abuse addiction throughout the state.

According to, in 2013 Alabama providers wrote 141.1 opioid prescriptions for every 100th persons. In 2016, there were 343 opioid related overdose deaths in the state. This initiative proves that recovery is possible with the support and courage from family, friends, and community substance abuse treatment providers.

To get more information on risk and addiction, visit the Courage For ALL website or call the 24/7 hotline at 1-844-307-1760 for support or to find a substance abuse provider near you.The Courage initiative reminds anyone struggling that it’s okay to talk about it. Let’s face addiction together. One act of courage at a time.


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