Organization Helps Veterans Struggling with Homelessness

An idea that was thought about nine years ago has now turned into a growing non-profit organization designed to help Veterans struggling make their way back into society. Samson’s Strength Sustainable Veterans Project Incorporated is an organization dedicated to fostering independence and sustainable living habitats for Veterans struggling with homelessness.

Through this project, Veterans are exposed to job skills training, community connections and other opportunities to re-engage back into the community. One of the main contributions the Samson’s Strength Veterans Project offers is transitional Tiny Home model settings to better help Veterans reintegrate back into their desired communities. Co-founder and Case Manager Kathleen Saucier has proudly supported Veterans for more than 25 years specializing in trauma with Veterans. Saucier shares with TV24’s Danny Vaughn on how this project started to manifest.

James McPhee is a Veteran who served in the Navy for eight years and dedicated 35 years after to being a welder before getting seriously injured on the job. During the process, Mcphee suffered from numerous health issues before getting referred to the Samson’s Veterans Project from the VA’s office.

The Veterans Project is currently building a house for McPhee to live in. McPhee says although he doubted the process at times, he’s thankful for the Samson’s Strength Sustainable Project.

McPhee’s house is on schedule to be complete within the next year. Although the project currently houses up to 30 veterans at a time, Saucier says that she has hopes of being able to help hundreds in the future to regain their independence in society.


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