Calhoun County Commission Pick Temporary EMA Director

While Calhoun county Commission members look for a new EMA-Director, a temporary one has been given the acting role today. Greg Militano has been with the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency for 15 years and has been chosen to act as Director for that agency until the commission finds someone to temporarily fill the position.

Johnathan Gaddy was the EMA’s former director before taking an Assistant Director Job with the state’s Emergency Management Agency. As an EMA Director, their role is to respond to natural disasters with and emergency response plan while working closely with the state officials and the government. Militano says that although he is now in charge, he plans to keep the original flow of things.

Militano also says that he looks forward to accepting this new challenge and enjoys being a part of the Emergency Management Agency and serving the people of Calhoun County.


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