See You at the Pole Recognized by Local Schools

28 years ago, ten students sparked a global day of student prayer when they gathered together to pray on their school campus. As a result, every year, on the fourth Wednesday in September, millions of students gather at their school’s flagpole and pray.

See You at the Pole is a student-initiated event where students lead prayer for their friends, families, teachers, school and nation to God. By this event being a student-organized event, they are able to grow and learn in their faith by leading. Ohatchee High School participated in the global prayer event and Junior Cade Williamson says it was an experience he will never forget.

Students, faculty, and administrators at Jacksonville High School also gathered around the flagpole for the day of global student prayer. Students held hands in a circle around the pole and those who wanted to were given the opportunity to say a verbal prayer in front of their peers.


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