Hotel Construction in Anniston Put on Hold

A search for developers to construct a hotel within Anniston city limits is on hold until a judge affirms the property back to the city. J2 Investments was gifted property in 2017 by the Anniston City Council with hopes to begin constructing a Best Western Plus hotel by January 2019. With one of the firm’s partners being jailed earlier this year, officials believe that J2 might miss its construction deadline, causing the property to be reverted back to the City of Anniston.

A complaint was filed last month by city attorney Bruce Downey stating the city wants back rightful ownership of the property to continue looking for new developers to construct the Best Western Plus Hotel.

The city also wants reimbursement for the demolition of the former Model City Center that was once built on the property. If approved by the judge, city leaders estimate the $10 million hotel project would house 75 rooms and create more than 50 jobs.


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