Fire Souls Luncheon

The Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama held a special luncheon today to show appreciation towards its members as well as a partnering foundation who helped make the Open Spaces Sacred Places locations possible. The TKF Foundation was invited to meet and socialize with the Fire Souls of all the Open Spaces Sacred Places throughout East Alabama. Fire Souls are people who volunteer their time and efforts to create and maintain the upkeep of the Open Spaces within their area.

The TKF Foundation molded the idea of the Open Spaces from the Baltimore, Maryland area. TKF is a proud partner and sponsor of the Community Foundation that provides the funding for the nature of the Sacred Places to be constructed. The Executive Director for the TKF Foundation shares why she believes Open Spaces are becoming important treasures within communities.

The luncheon event was also held to celebrate other community members who have volunteered their time or creativeness to help bring the current 15 Open Spaces Sacred Places into parts of East Alabama. This month, there are at least three more groundbreakings scheduled for other Open Spaces and Director Fred Smith says more community partners are engaging in the spaces.

Smith tells TV24 that there will be a groundbreaking ceremony of another Open Spaces Sacred Places at Talladega College on October 11th.


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