Michael Hits Land as Category 4 Hurricane

Take a look at the effects of the worst storm to hit the Florida panhandle in recorded history as it can be seen taking the roof off a building. Hurricane Michael is also the strongest storm to hit the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Officials have already warned of a possible storm surge that could cause water to rush onto the streets of certain areas for up to 14 feet.

As Hurricane Michael made landfall earlier today, Alabama Power has established between 600 and 700 contract crews to send to the southeast area of the state to support those local electrical teams. Trees and limbs falling onto power lines could cause major flooding in some areas leaving hundreds of thousands of residents possibly without power.

With the magnitude of this storm being so severe, damage to transmission lines and distribution lines are highly likely and Alabama Power will begin working safely and as efficiently as possible once the storm completely passes in certain areas.


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